[wp-hackers] Class conflicts with plugin frameworks

Philip Walton philip at philipwalton.com
Wed Apr 27 22:37:44 UTC 2011

I'm in the beginning stages of writing a basic MVC plugin development 
framework, and I'm realizing I'm going to have a naming conflict issue. 
If I want to include this framework in several of the plugins and/or 
themes I'm developing, eventually I'm going to run into an issue that 
class_exists() isn't going to solve.

I could create the framework as a stand-alone plugin, but that would 
require anyone who downloaded one of my plugins or themes to also 
download the framework, which doesn't seem realistic (especially for 
upgrades to existing plugins that don't have such a dependency currently).

Anyway, I figured many of you out there have probably run into these 
same issues, and I wanted to see if anyone had developed a good strategy 
to manage the problem.

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