[wp-hackers] did I stumble across a bug?

Foolish Visions shelly at foolishvisions.com
Tue Apr 26 19:05:45 UTC 2011

>>Then you could always try sending category__in or category__and instead of cat<<

Thanks Jonathon - but using category__in or category__and makes it ignore *all* the categories, and acts like it's not even there.

I read somewhere recently that this was a little-known bug - that WP wouldn't recognize multiple categories in search anymore, but for the life of me I can't find where I read it.  But no matter how hard I search for it again, all I come up with is that "cat" *should* work with comma-separated values. But it just searches the first and ignores the rest. Even if I manually type in the categories to search, it still ignores all ID's but the first one.


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