[wp-hackers] Embedded videos are not resizing

RePost repost_08 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 25 23:21:54 UTC 2011

It's absurd that you would suggest that I've never contributed to the 
.org support forum. And I'm not the first person who has innocently 
approached the forum with questions and been driven off by hostility, 
demands for money and overall, indifference.

Defend them all you want, but it doesn't make them any better. The .org 
forums represent the nadir of the WordPress community.

On 4/25/11 4:44 PM, Chip Bennett wrote:
> The WPORG support forums are staffed entirely by volunteers from the
> community. Your condescending, blanket derision is insulting to the
> volunteer community members who try to help there.
> If you see room for improvement, the only way to improve it is to pitch in
> yourself.
> Chip

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