[wp-hackers] exporting posts by keyword

fris fris at fris.net
Sat Apr 23 12:27:37 UTC 2011

Im using the advanced exporter wordpress plugin, im trying to mod the
plugin, to let me search by keyword (titles) and it will create an export
file with only those posts.

lines altered


$keyword = isset($_GET['keyword']) ? $_GET['keyword'] : 'all';


ra_export_wp( $author, $category, $post_type, $status, $start_date,
$end_date, $terms , $keyword);


if ( $keyword and $keyword != 'all' ) {
                $where .= $wpdb->prepare("AND post_title LIKE '%s%' ",

#366-#371 (html)

pastebin link with full code --> 


not sure whats going on with this.

Any input would be greatful.

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