[wp-hackers] 500 Internal server error due to PHP APC?

Tyler Byrd byrd at 5twentystudios.com
Sat Apr 23 11:11:57 UTC 2011

What is the error code you get in your server logs? Also have you turned
debugging on in WP? If so what error do you see when the site crashes?


On 4/23/11 4:04 AM, "Ryan Chan" <ryanchan404 at gmail.com> wrote:

>I have just moved my Wordpress to UBuntu 10.04 LTS, using the default
>Apache / PHP/ APC.
>I found that if I enable APC, Wordpress will die randomly after some
>visits - It is okay when I restarted my Apache and just after some
>visits, blank screen will be shown.
>When I added "php_flag apc.cache_by_default Off" in the .htaccess,
>problems solved, so this is due to Wordpress and APC?
>Any idea to solve?
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