[wp-hackers] Uninstall Handling

Andrew Nacin wp at andrewnacin.com
Sat Apr 9 16:30:44 UTC 2011

On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 12:22 PM, Otto <otto at ottodestruct.com> wrote:

> On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 6:39 AM, Ken Brucker <Ken at pumastudios.com> wrote:
> > I am trying to use the uninstall hook.  However, unless you provide valid
> FTP/sFTP login credentials you can't get to the point of executing the hook.
>  In my situation, FTP/sFTP are not enabled on the server so there's no way
> to respond in a way that will allow the uninstall hook to execute.
> If you can't actually uninstall the plugin, then it would make perfect
> sense to me that you can't run the uninstall hook either.

Strongly agree.

I could entertain the idea for an API abstraction that can fire an uninstall
hook. But I wouldn't then want it to just get abused.


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