[wp-hackers] [GSoC] Language Packs

Paolo Tresso pixline at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 18:54:15 UTC 2011

Il giorno 04/apr/2011, alle ore 20.15, Marko Novaković ha scritto:

> My proposal final version:
> http://novakovicmarko.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/google-summer-of-code-proposal-language-packs-final/

Just a question: how would this translate to plugins that already provides multi-language features to WordPress? 
Is this going to be a foundation work for something like a language API as we already have for many things in WP?

I'm asking this because I'm in the midst of a multilanguage plugin rewrite-from-scratch and I'd love to leverage WP APIs as much as possible (also I'd love to avoid the rewrite if it's going to be rewritten again for the next release :-)

Paolo aka pixline

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