[wp-hackers] GSoC 2011 Project Idea

Stas Sușcov stas at nerd.ro
Mon Apr 4 08:58:08 UTC 2011

În data de Lu, 04-04-2011 la 18:47 +1000, Dion Hulse (dd32) a scris:
> In my opinion, A importer from the Standalone to the Plugin would be first
> priority.
> I don't know enough details about the bbPress plugin to give any rock solid
> advice on it however, I'd suggest investigating whats around, and if you're
> interested in doing something thats not available yet, write up a proposal
> for it.

JJJ was also talking about:
* thread tools (for merging/splitting)
* complete theme support (both UI and UX, some JavaScript/AJAX would
great too)
* tags part
* some old api compatibility to ensure basic support for older plugins
* some lack of important plugins (akismet!)

Imho, writing just an importer should not get you busy for the whole
gsoc, so I would add to the scope one of the following:
* try a BuddyPress integration with the new plugin
* write some compatibility API for older plugins and make sure "Support
Forum" works (since it's being used all over .org, and having new
bbPress will encourage moving away from old bbPress.

Good luck!

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