[wp-hackers] Presentation

Fernando - Picando Código fernando at picandocodigo.net
Sun Apr 3 03:55:49 UTC 2011

My name is Fernando Briano and I've developed a couple of plugins and 
contributed code to other hackers' plugins. I have some free time I 
would like to use contributing code to WordPress. I'm not a PHP guru, 
but I've had some experience and I would like to learn more and 
contribute by helping WordPress.

I've been to the "needs patch" trac report looking for some small task 
to start with. Do you think 9777 is a good ticket to start with? It 
seems simple, and not too hard to code.

If there's any recommended place / task for me to start, or if anyone is 
needing help on some coding task, please let me know.


Fernando Briano - Picando Código

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