[wp-hackers] GSOC - just some ideas for students

Patrik Bóna patrik.bona at mrhead.sk
Sat Apr 2 08:43:42 UTC 2011

Hello Hackers, Hello Students!

To be honest, I did not read all the GSOC posts from this list because I 
did not have time. So I don't know if I can propose some ideas or not, 
but i will try.

I have some ideas for image managing mainly for UI, but also something 
for programmers:

1) Meta box for images in edit post screen. This is based on experiences 
of different users. Now when you have attached 20 images to post and you 
want to include each image to different position in text you need at 
least 6 clicks for each image: Upload icon, gallery link (attached 
images), choose image, choose align, choose size, and insert into post. 
With 20 images this take a lot of time and also you are still opening 
thickbox window...

The idea is to make meta box with images thumbnails. You just click on 
thumbnail, choose size, align, maybe also caption and just drag and drop 
image to the text. After drop there will be html added to text.

This will save a lot of time (and nerves) for users who needs to work 
with more images... As i said this is real world example from my 
clients. They like WordPress, but they don't like inserting images, 
because it is complicated.

This meta box can also include icons for file upload... Currently icons 
are available only if editor is available for post type. Sometimes I 
don't need editor for some post types, but i need possibility to add 

2) New image size handling. In present you can set three image sizes in 
admin panel. But just these three and they are also valid for all post 
types. But with custom post types it is not good solution. Example from 
my site: I have regular posts where i need just one image size. I have 
pictures published by users where i need 3 custom image size. I have 
galleries again with different sizes.

I know that i can add image size with add_image_size, but this is not 
good. Because it is valid for all post sizes. So know i use 
wp_generate_attachment_metadata filter to generate needed sizes for 

I have more ideas how to solve this:
- add another parameter post_type to add_image_size so only images for 
given post_type will be resized
- add possibility to specify image sizes with add_post_type_support ? or 
directly within register_post_type ?
- add possibility to manage all post type image sizes directly from admin

These were just me ideas. As i said i don't know if they can be used in 
GSOC or not, but i think that especially first one will be valuable to 
users. I know that it can be done by plugin, but it would be nice to 
have it in core.

Many thanks


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