[wp-hackers] Site Address in Posts Table

Greg Boggs Greg at humhost.com
Fri Sep 3 15:47:47 UTC 2010

It's quite common in my practice to work with other people's existing 
wordpress sites. I've seen this problem come up again and again. Yes I 
can fix it with a DB query, no wordpress should not require an expert 
who is comfortable with SQL to fix stupid mistakes like this.

The URL for the server should not be in the database table for posts. 
Not only is this information redundant, having some posts set to one URL 
and others set another causes data integrity problems which manifests 
itself as broken websites.

The solution as was already suggested is to remove the URL from the 
posts table and read it from a file.

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> On 3 September 2010 09:52, ErisDS<erisds at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> I guess what's kinda irritating about this, is the "why", rather than the
>> "how to solve".
>> It just doesn't make sense why absolute URLs are embedded everywhere.
> Gavin,
> If you had followed this thread you would have already seen the answer:
> You *have* to have absolute URLs in RSS feeds and other non-browser
> situations, otherwise images, and especially podcasts would break, because
> the content is not being consumed in the context of the site and a browser.
> Mike

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