[wp-hackers] GSOC - comment moderation proposal

Eitan Adler eitanadlerlist at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 16:47:16 UTC 2010

Would the following be sufficient for a GSOC proposal? Assuming the
rest of my appliacation is OK would this project be accepted? What if
anything should I revise? Are there any specific suggstions on how I
should implement this?

These are preliminary milestones and are likely to change as I work on
the project.
Documentation will be done while I am writing the code.
1) Create api for changing parent of comment
2) Adding option in the admin screen for changing comment parents
3) Add notification option to poster if he opted receive replies to his post
4) Add threaded comments to comments in moderation
5) Add method of re-parenting through the xml-rpc api
6) Add method to request all sub-comments

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