[wp-hackers] User roles - GSOC proposal

24/7 24-7 at gmx.net
Mon Mar 29 19:38:40 UTC 2010

> I installed your plugin, but it only shows userdata when you are
> logged in as admin.

The access-user_level to the page is set to 8 on line 57. Just set it to 0 and you'll be fine. Just a sidenote: It's not a real "plugin". It's more something to give you a nice and straight overlook on which get's handled how (at the moment). Grap a new version here: http://pastebin.com/eKJTq2qp

Btw: Another point where wp *still* makes use of the depr. User_level... when will we get rid of it anywhere? Does the user-system not really get reworked completely because of the references everywhere or is it the usual "this is plugin material"-answer?

>> roles per category is a non-starter
> I wonder why it I not desirable to have category level roles within a
> single blog.
> It has been requested by many in the forum and mailing lists.
> It is also mentioned in the ideas list.

Me too. Explanation please.

>>from 3.1 storing capabilities in user meta is to be removed and and replaced with roles(unserialized).
> If I,m not wrong the implemetation would be an additional
> table(wp_roles) to store information about roles which will include
> userId's belonging to that role.
> It I possible to have category level permissions by having a table which maps
>  userId , roleId, categroyId(termId).
> Querying for users will also be easy by filtering
> categoryId → roleId → userId.
> I,m from a joomla backround and joomla does access control like this.

> in addition to multiple roles in multiple blog this would be an
> additional feature.


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