[wp-hackers] GSOC - comment moderation

Eitan Adler eitanadlerlist at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 06:53:14 UTC 2010

> As the suggester for this GSOC project I hoped that the work covered by those points would be about the right size project for someone.

OK perfect - I'll post my proposal on a wordpress powered blog soon.
For now I'm sending this pre-proposal to the mailing list to get
suggestions on how to improve it.

Personal Details

    * Name: Eitan Adler
    * Email: Eitan Adler at gmail dot com (EitanAdlerList at gmail.com
for mailing lists)
    * Skype ID or GTalk (for IM and voice chats): EitanAdler
    * Phone number: Will be provided to my mentor if accepted

Project Description

    * Please document your proposal on a WordPress-powered blog first,
---- this is not my application and I will do so once I get feedback
from the mailing list

    * Tell us if the software you will be working on is meant to exist
as a plugin or be included in the core of WordPress. ---  The work is
intended to improve the comment moderation experience and modifies
current core code.

Schedule of Deliverables

    * What are the milestones and deliverables for your project?
These are preliminary milestones and are likely to change as I work on
the project.
Documentation will be done while I am writing the code.
1) Create api for changing parent of comment
2) Adding option in the admin screen for changing comment parents
3) Add notification option to poster if he opted receive replies to his post
4) Add threaded comments to comments in moderation
5) Add method of re-parenting through the xml-rpc api
6) Add method to request all sub-comments

    * Do you have any other commitments during this time? Include
school, work and family commitments.
-- I have minimal other commitments during the summer

Open Source Development Experience

If you have experience with open source development in any form, even
a few bug reports or some tiny 2-line patch to something obscure, tell
us! More specifically, link to it!

-- I'm active on the freeBSD mailing lists and have submitted patches
to the freeBSD core. I am also a port maintainer for a about 10-15
patch to modify "pkill" http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=bin/143558

-- I've reported a number of bugs to the nano editor project

-- I run a nightly firefox and report bugs as I find them

-- If I find a bug in any software I use I attempt to report bugs and
work with the vendor to fix them.

Work/Internship Experience

List any work experience you've had relevant to the proposed project,
blogging, or software development.
-- I'd rather not post a full resume online - however I'd be happy
email my resume to whomever is doing the review of applicants.

List what you're studying in university/college that is relevant, how
you're doing in your program, etc.
I'm currently studying Software Engineering. My courses thus far:
Semester 1:
- Programming using C++
- Psychology 1
- Calculus I
Semester 2:
- Advanced C++
- Data Structures I
- Organizational Behavior
- Internet Programming (teaching assistant)
- Probability theory

Are you planning to use your GSoC project as an independent study for
college credit?
As of now I am not planning on using this for independent study.

Why WordPress

Tell us why you chose to apply with us. Be as specific as possible.
I've used wordpress for a variety of projects. I find wordpress to be
easiest blogging platform to use and I want to contribute to a
platform that I've been using for years.
(from the audience) So why don't you use wordpress for your current
blog? I needed custom css and I don't have my own web hosting. When I
do get it I already have a local copy of wordpress ready and running
to switch over.

I've also made a few wordpress plugins which I have yet to submit to
the repo. I plan on submitting them soon.

Also, in what way would you envision your participation with the
WordPress development community evolving after GSoC2010 comes to an
I don't plan on leaving. As I work on my project I'm sure I will find
many other interesting things that need fixing or extending on
wordpress. I plan on continuing with the project and submitting new
patches and plugins.

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