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Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Sun Mar 28 20:46:14 UTC 2010

On 28 Mar 2010, at 19:44, Jane Wells wrote:

>> I have a few questions about this project:
>> 1) Since this is something I found at
>> http://codex.wordpress.org/GSoC2010#Widgets I'm assuming that this is
>> something that is desired by the wordpress community. However when
>> searching the mailing list archives I was unable to find specific
>> details about how the widgets repository would differ from the plugins
>> repository - if at all.
>> I'm looking for any details that would help me complete my GSOC application
> This idea arose at the lead developer summit that happened in December 2009 in Orlando. I think Matt Mullenweg was the one who suggested it. Basically, the idea was that plugins that just add widgets create an extra layer of code and administration that isn't really needed, and makes the user experience less smooth. If we had a repository for widgets, instead of going to the plugin repo and searching for widget plugins, then installing the plugin, then activating it, then going to manage the new widget, we could make widgets more autonomous by having a widget repo. Developers would submit widget code, and when users wanted a new widget, they would go straight to an 'add new widgets' screen, select/install and immediately begin filling in the widget settings.  Basically the idea reduces the overhead for users adding new widgets.
> Maybe Matt can chime in with what he was originally envisioning in case I described it incorrectly.

From my hazy memory the idea may have been a little like.

1) Have a way of marking plugins in the repo as "widget plugins".
2) Have a section of Extend which is just widgets
3) Have a way of selecting from these plugins from the widgets page
4) Auto-install the plugin if someone wants to add that widget to the side bar.

Of course this makes it sound really simple but I would expect there is quite a bit of work needed to get it all working - especially when you consider it will likely need a new api or extension of the current one to make it work

Hope that helps

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