[wp-hackers] request for a WPMU get_blogid_by_url()

Raphaël Droz raphael.droz at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 20:16:58 UTC 2010

it recently happened two times to me to request the following :
while your on a site of a network, you want to know if you can handle
the content an URL point to.
It may be "directly modify a resource (an image or any other data, ...)" or
"obtain more info about this resource (eg, a site itself)", like 
"compressing image" or getting
the blog_id of a given guid in the_post() of feedWordPress, ...
That would imply split the string (URL) (with php built-ins) compare the 
subdomain or
URI to see if "is it on the same network ?" then 
As an extra it may even return the object itself.
I think that would ease to sometimes cross a kind of "site frontier" 
when a network
contains commons thematics or interactions between its sites.
I attempted to use what I believe is the semantics of sites and network 
to adhere to nowadays.


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