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Sebastián Ventura lomegor at gmail.com
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Yaeh, I know it could be a lot of work, but I've been thinking about it and
the first two are just minor changes, and well, the third one is a bit more
complicated but I believe it can be done. I mean, you can already upload a
video to WordPress, I just need to tweak it a bit to allow HTML5; the
difference with that plugin is the abilility for HTML5 and that you can do
it witha simple click on top of the Add New Post page.
And about the Ajax slideshow I want to do it from scratch as I have had bad
experiences of copying AJAX functions (although that jCarousel seems really
nice -but it doesn't seem to use ajax).

Thank you so much for your replies and for those links that will help me
research a bit more about what I want to do!

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Sebasti?n, I think your 3 ideas make for 2 (or maybe even 3) separate GSoC

Regarding the first one related to videos, take a look at

Nai Eru varyuva le

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