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Chinthaka Rukshan chinthakarukshan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 03:24:32 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I sent you a email about mentioning my GSoC idea and anyone didn't gave me
any feedback up to now although I'm waiting for your feedback.I don't know
whether my two emails that I send you previously didn't deliver to you. Any
way this is my third mail for you.Please give me some feedback regarding the
below ideas and if you can answer my questions that I've asked below,it
would be a pleasure for me.

I'm a Computer Science and Engineering student of University of Moratuwa,Sri
This is the first time I'm applying a proposal for GSoC.

It will be very lucky to contribute for WordPress because it is very popular
and I also have a blog on WordPress.

Here I have Provide my Google Summer of Code Project Proposal or the
proposal link for the project WordPress Import/Export.I would like to hear
some feed back about the proposal from you.After you reading about the
proposal I need to know specially about one thing. I've mentioned about what
I have done. A project that can import WordPress blog posts and comments
from a remote WordPress blog.Is it ok to mention such a thing in my proposal
that is submitting to the Google and to what extent do I have to mention
those information?.I've mentioned about that I've studied to some extent
about blogger import and livejournal import.Is it also ok to mention about
that?. If you can help me with these facts it would be pleasure.

Here is the project proposal

*WordPress Import/Export Idea*

This idea is from WordPress Ideas list. The  idea of the project is to
develop a wordpress import/export process that doesn’t require a file for
wordpress blog content transfer.

The currently existing wordpress import/export process has many
disadvantages. They are as below.

   - Uses an XML file as an intermediary

If we want to import one WordPress blog content to another, first we have to
export a XML file from the WordPress blog which we need to import blog
content from(Let’s take it as the source WordPress blog). Then we have to
log in to the WordPress blog that we need to import the WordPress blog
content to and import the XML file that we exported from the source blog.
This can be consider as two step process.Also it can be consider as an
performance hit from the users side.

   - It doesn’t support media(Images,Videos etc.) transfer

The currently existing that uses an XML file doesn’t support for media
transfer. It is essential for media transfer from the users side.

Above two are major disadvantages of the current system. For the system I’m
going to implement doesn’t need any type of file as an intermediary for
WordPress blog content transfer between any two wordpress blogs. It uses XML
Remote Procedure Calls (XMLRPC) for the blog content transfer.

In WordPress import processes of blogger import and livejournal import are
examples for the import processes that doesn’t need a intermediary file. It
simply transfer the content to the WordPress blog after validating the given
admin user name and the password for the blogger or the livejournal blog.

For WordPress import/export process that I’m going to implement needs three
inputs(parameters) from the user. In this method i doesn’t import blog
content from or export blog content to  a specified remote server. That
means we can import or export blog content not only from or to the
WordPress.com blogs. We can transfer content from or to any remote WordPress
blog.(For example from the WordPress blog inside the my own machine to
WordPress.com blog or From the WordPress blog inside my own machine to
another WordPress blog inside the same machine etc..). For that we need the
URL of the remote WordPress blog that need to be content transfer and the
admin username of the remote WordPress blog and the admin password of it.
After validating those three parameters if the validation is successful then
the blog content transfer begins.

I already have done some sort of WordPress import that doesn’t uses a file
as an intermediary. For that I used XML Remote Procedure Calls(XMLRPC). It
successfully import posts and comments from any remote WordPress blog after
giving correct URL,admin username and the admin password of the remote
WordPress blog. For each post in the blog I look for comments and store them
in an array and then import them. It always informing the user that the post
or the comment that is currently importing.

I have studied to some extent how the livejournal import and the blogger
import works and I used various functionalities of those two import
processes to build my above project(Mainly for the GUI).

or here is the link for my project idea....


Please give me some feed back about the proposal....


Chinthaka Rukshan
"Open Your Mind"

Chinthaka Rukshan
"Open Your Mind"

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