[wp-hackers] How do you store multiple plugin options

Peter van der Does peter at avirtualhome.com
Tue Mar 23 23:06:29 UTC 2010

Everybody knows, or at least should know, that storing every variable
as an option is a bad idea. You usually use an array and store the

How do you store multiple options.
What I mean is, you can have general options, options that are to be
used throughout the plugin. You can have default widget options, so
when you don't enter a value in the widget this option will be used.

Currently I store this as follows:
$general=array('key1'=>'value1', 'key2'=>'value2');
$widget=array('key3'=>'value1', 'key2'=>'value4');
update_option( 'myplugin', $options );

I also can see it as follows:
$general=array('key1'=>'value1', 'key2'=>'value2');
$widget=array('key3'=>'value1', 'key2'=>'value4');
update_option( 'myplugin-general', $general );
update_option( 'myplugin-widget', $widget );

So how do you store your options?

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