[wp-hackers] GSoC 2010, WordPress.org Profiles

Stas Sușcov stas at nerd.ro
Mon Mar 22 23:03:56 UTC 2010

Some brainstorming...
I had a chat with jjj on BP-dev, and some new ideas came up.

A solution would be hacking around bp_activity plugin, and using all
of its db layout for storing updates/karma stuff.

Also, last summer I wrote a small facebook application, where I had to
use their libs written in php (awesome API I must say). What do you
think about following their model, where profiles.wordpress.org (on BP)
will be facebook, and we need to update our profiles using an api?

Writing the api can limit us to: enabling a plugin (call it
wp_profiles) and then adding some special template tags into the
template files to show up the karma points, rating and tags for the
user. Leaving the rest of the updates job to scripts that will use
this api (just like in facebook).

The whole beauty of this approach is that, BP will open a window for
developers who don't want to mess/don't know BP but want to connect
their profiles/BP_ids to some cool webservice...

Any opinions are welcomed. 

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