[wp-hackers] GSoC Proposal - Move WordPress

Manu Krishnan T.V tvmanukrishnan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 07:27:48 UTC 2010

Here is my modified proposal for wordpress move

I have divided the project to 3 categories

1) Wordpress complete backup
     - Provides feature to create a complete backup of wordpress files 
and folders.
     - Includes a database dump(can use scheduling methods to avoid 
excess resource usage while creating the database dump)
     - Create a compressed archive of all the contents available for 
     - Feature to download only the modified files or 'wp-content' folder.
     - Sometimes, this can be a time consuming process. So, must have 
features to alert the administrator when backup is complete.
     - Server must have enough free space for the archive(free space 
about the size of installed wordpress) and provide compression support.

2) Wordpress move between hosts
     - Create a compressed archive on the old server with contents of 
wp-content folder .
     - Create a database backup on the old server using scheduling 
techniques (this avoids excessive resource usage in servers for large 
     - Utilize current available features of plugin istaller/updater to 
move the compressed files to new server and extract (this avoids ftp 
timeout problems)
     - Allows change in blog url on move.
     - Implementing move feature in the installer is an option, but many 
users still prefer or use automatic installers like fantastico to avoid 
handling database stuffs. So, I prefer to have a fresh wordpress 
installation, so as to make sure that the server meets all requirements 
and have all the database details ready in the config file to proceed. 
There will be a new option for move, with options to provide target 
wordpress url, and its admin login details.
     - The new installation will be put to some maintenance mode, as the 
process starts and will mail the user when the process in complete. So, 
it doesn't require the user to be connected for long time.
     - Server must have enough free space for archive(free space about 
the size of installed wordpress) and provide compression support.
     - The same could be used to create mirrors of a wordpress site, 
with few modifications.

3) Wordpress move from wordpress.com
     - Database needs to be exported, can use the above technique for that.
     - If wordpress.com supports creating compressed archives, the above 
feature itself will be useful
     - Else, we can use an alternate method. Most wordpress.com accounts 
have themes and plugins provided by wordpress.com and not modified. The 
plugin/theme installer can be used to install them after finding which 
all are installed from the database backup.

Looking forward for more suggestions and ideas to implement.
With love and regards,
Tvm a.k.a Bizzard

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