[wp-hackers] Gsoc proposal: Advance User Groups

Neerav Mehta coolneerav4u at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 06:05:23 UTC 2010

   For for now I am going to make a concrete idea of project which is
basically the advance buddypress plugin.
It includes following modifications from actual buddypress plugin:
*1.Addition of a search option in usergroups :*
*    *  It includes searching of users & it will filter our the results as
per ones requirements. Like there will be a form which will take the
name(textbox) , Gender(Radio button),
   emailaddress(Textbox), Groups joined etc. The search results will be
filtered as per user inputs.
      Also there will be option for search of groups like if one person
wishes to search for a particular group he can just enter the name or some
details of that group & it will show
  the results of list of groups similar to the search.
*2. List of simmilar groups:*
I am finding the groups column very unfilled so I am wishing if I could add
groups simmilar to thar group on the right side. So if the user wishes he
can join these groups also.
   This simmilar groups list can be automatic which the server will search
by the name or details of the group. Or the group owner can also manually
add simmilar groups if he wishes.
I have learnt wordpress plugin API & tried to make some of my own plugins &
was successfull. So Now I think I can easily implement these features in
Also I want to know that do I need to make my own plugin seperately or I can
modify existing buddypress plugin.

Neerav Mehta
B-Tech Part IV
Electronics Engg.

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