[wp-hackers] Menu schema

Andrew Nacin wp at andrewnacin.com
Sun Mar 21 00:50:40 UTC 2010

> +1, but not because of it being a .0 release but because I don't think it's
> a good idea to launch with one database structure knowing there is a plan to
> transition to something else in the near future.

Allow me to clarify, there are no plans to change the database structure in
the future. Storing menus as a taxonomy and menu items as a post type is not
a temporary solution.

What I have noticed has been how fervent discussions on this list have been
> about using wp_posts for certain things but how AFAIK storing menus in
> wp_posts was never discussed here. I think that is indicative of how
> decisions are made in core and that discussion on this list isn't an
> important component (and is something I think I'll be learning from moving
> forward.)

Real-time discussions on core development are held in a publicly accessible
IRC channel (which is logged, and the logs are public). The menu management
schema was discussed at length among core developers and contributors before
a decision was made to use post types and taxonomies.

Storing menus as taxonomy also makes little sense. Taxonomy is the process
> of naming and classifying things.

Like classifying menu items into menus? We had specific requirements for
what about a menu item we needed to be able to store (and allow plugins to
build on that), and what about a menu we needed to be able to store. The
decisions made reflect that.

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