[wp-hackers] GSoC 2010, WordPress.org Profiles

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Sun Mar 21 00:17:28 UTC 2010

Something to consider:

Rather than improve a profile page (per se), why not create a custom post type of "person" and improve it that way? You are proposing adding content about users; why not use the infrastructure which is used for content within WordPress?  There you'll have access to categories, tags, custom taxonomies, custom fields, and everything else that comes with post types. Leave wp_users for security and login and use a custom post type for all the embellishments.



On Mar 20, 2010, at 7:16 PM, Stas Sușcov wrote:

> Hi hackers,
> I can see GSoC in WordPress Camp is on hype :)
> This summer I have not much to do, so I said to dedicate my free time
> contributing to WordPress project, which fan I'm since some time.
> I've read the ideas page and come to the conclusion that improving
> profiles.wordpress.org would be a great contribution not only to the
> project itself, but to the whole community. Plus, I like hacking all
> kind of stuff, and this idea offers almost the full pack of stuff you
> can play with, from php and python code (trac) to fetching svn commits
> and evaluating all kind/type of data.
>> From what I understand there would be cool to get some kind of
> rating integrated into the system like we can see on social networks for
> hackers like ohloh. Rating to depend on contribution (of all kind, from
> forum activities to commits on svn repo, be there plugins or core
> projects). A way I would go doing that is dividing the system into
> different parts:
> * backend, the fetchers and spiders, evaluation scripts that update the
> db, trigger scripts that may call the update process
> * frontend, where all the magic is shown and can be manipulated (I think
> a good idea would be to allow users doing stuff like on facebook `like
> or not`). Also the frontend part must offer simplest UI as to the
> visitor, same to the user where he can specify his details like codex
> username or what's already on profiles.wordpress.org.
> Also, talking about backend, I believe implementing some kind of
> algorithm that will grow rank/karma depending on activities kind.
> Like give a 5 to the user if he contributed to codex documentation, and
> 4 if he committed something into svn. Or 7 if he fixed a bug.
> Pretty much, I would like to steal as much as I can from the
> Launchpad.net project. They got some pretty interesting karma system,
> which I believe is a good starting point.
> So, feel free to blame me if I'm thinking wrong or help me get my
> thoughts better. Hope I got somebody interested who can support my
> proposal. :)
> Have a nice weekend. 
> P.S.: Here's my profile: http://profiles.wordpress.org/c00l2sv/
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