[wp-hackers] GSoC 2010, WordPress.org Profiles

Justin Shreve justin.shreve at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 23:27:09 UTC 2010

It would be great to see something like this.

Feature idea: It would be nice if users could be grouped. For example if I
submit patches, create plugins or something I would be in a certain group.
If you help out on the support forums and update some Codex articles you are
in another group. This could lead to some cool sorting. Example:
http://profiles.wordpress.org/users/ is just a listing right now, if we were
grouped you could separate by "developers", or "supporters" or something.

Check out http://directory.freelanceswitch.com/ too - you could allow people
to have some similar functionality like that in the profiles system.

One thing I worry about is sometimes considering one type of contributing a
higher importance over another. It could send for example the message that
patches are more important then working in the support forums and writing

- Justin

On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 7:16 PM, Stas Sușcov <stas at nerd.ro> wrote:

> Hi hackers,
> I can see GSoC in WordPress Camp is on hype :)
> This summer I have not much to do, so I said to dedicate my free time
> contributing to WordPress project, which fan I'm since some time.
> I've read the ideas page and come to the conclusion that improving
> profiles.wordpress.org would be a great contribution not only to the
> project itself, but to the whole community. Plus, I like hacking all
> kind of stuff, and this idea offers almost the full pack of stuff you
> can play with, from php and python code (trac) to fetching svn commits
> and evaluating all kind/type of data.
> >From what I understand there would be cool to get some kind of
> rating integrated into the system like we can see on social networks for
> hackers like ohloh. Rating to depend on contribution (of all kind, from
> forum activities to commits on svn repo, be there plugins or core
> projects). A way I would go doing that is dividing the system into
> different parts:
> * backend, the fetchers and spiders, evaluation scripts that update the
> db, trigger scripts that may call the update process
> * frontend, where all the magic is shown and can be manipulated (I think
> a good idea would be to allow users doing stuff like on facebook `like
> or not`). Also the frontend part must offer simplest UI as to the
> visitor, same to the user where he can specify his details like codex
> username or what's already on profiles.wordpress.org.
> Also, talking about backend, I believe implementing some kind of
> algorithm that will grow rank/karma depending on activities kind.
> Like give a 5 to the user if he contributed to codex documentation, and
> 4 if he committed something into svn. Or 7 if he fixed a bug.
> Pretty much, I would like to steal as much as I can from the
> Launchpad.net project. They got some pretty interesting karma system,
> which I believe is a good starting point.
> So, feel free to blame me if I'm thinking wrong or help me get my
> thoughts better. Hope I got somebody interested who can support my
> proposal. :)
> Have a nice weekend.
> P.S.: Here's my profile: http://profiles.wordpress.org/c00l2sv/
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