[wp-hackers] Trying to post bug correctly - but can't get through - re: nav menu admin ui

Angelia Baladon angelia at 10sexyapples.com
Sat Mar 20 02:36:24 UTC 2010

I'm running the nightly builds and testing/developing a new site on them via
child theme of twenty ten. Child theme is mostly bare at this time, so, is
mostly twenty ten code. I don't know if code is completed on the UI for the
nav menus in the admin, but, I'm running into some pretty buggy stuff.
Created a custom menu, checked boxes all pages to be included. Problem
occurs when trying to arrange menu items. First buggy item was that it
initially wouldn't save the changes, just reverted back to flat ( I was
nesting pages to match my actual page/subpage structure ). Going in second
time I just arranged the items, no nesting, saved. Good to go. Back in again
to repeat the nesting, and could only make one change at a time for it to
save. Multiple changes equaled no save. When trying to nest two pages below
another, the second page will nest itself under the already nested subpage.
Even if it moves to the right spot initially, it will save to the sub sub
spot. Cannot get it to nest properly. Am I missing something, or legitimate
bug? Would love to post this in the right place, but, it won't let me in,
so, my apologies.

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