[wp-hackers] [GSOC] IDEA discussion

Mujtaba Boori mujtaba.boori at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 21:17:43 UTC 2010

I interested in participate in summer of code specifically WordPress

I think WP is one of the best open source. I always recommend it  for easy
to use.

 In order to keep WP easy to use, I came up with great idea to do so.

My idea is improvement the idea list for summer of code.

It is to improve exporting /importing to  be directly transfer . However,
This work almost the same as file. so I would like to make more flexible by
adding choices and selections to chose what article to export in post
section with other function like  edit. remove, and trash. so the user have
fast access and neat way to export file from blog to blog.

give me your suggestion ...

Thank your

Mujtaba Ali Alboori

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