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> Hello, everyone. Glad to write to you!
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Glad to see someone interested in participating, A few -quick- answers to  
your questions:

Requirements: Best off reading the GSoC FAQ:  

> Can anybody tell me how to start?
  Have a look at the above link for a start

> What skills need I master? which program language and development method  
> will be used?

WordPress is written in the PHP Language, Development method is basically,  
Write code and make it publicly available often.

> Where can I study the framework of wordpress quickly?

Knowing how to write a WordPress plugin first is a huge step forward, If  
you do not understand how to write a WordPress plugin, the best place to  
start is http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_a_Plugin

> And what need I do before I apply for GSOC?

You need to have an Idea, SoC is a project which mentors a student through  
completing a task related to their chosen Project. For example, Someone  
may write a Plugin to provide Spam filtering through some new algorithm,  
Integrate Plugin installation from the web admin (This was mine in a  
previous year), etc.

Once you've come up with an idea, once student applications open (See the  
FAQ i linked to above) you submit your proposal (Which should contain an  
outline of your chosen task, how you intend on completing it, a timeline  
of goals to meet, what the final product will look like at completion  
(Core patch, Plugin, separate Application, etc)

You might find it appropriate to look through the previous years projects,  
and how they were handled. You should find links to previous years on  
http://code.google.com/soc/ which should then link to the WordPress  
projects for that year.

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  e: contact at dd32.id.au
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