[wp-hackers] comments should be a plugin

Ptah Dunbar pt at ptahd.com
Sun Mar 7 04:17:36 UTC 2010

> As an example right now WordPress 3.0 has 5 "core" post types: post, page, attachment, revision and nav_menu_item.  It's currently architected to assume they are there which means that, for example, if I were to remove the "post" type I create undefined conditions such as a "Posts" menu that has "Add New" and that errors out when I try to add one.

I raised that issue about core post types not using the show_ui argument so if one decides to remove them, Posts,  Pages, and Media would disappear from the UI. Outside of that, I disagree that the core post types are really that hardcoded into WP; and if so, then that's probably a bug which you should file a new ticket for.

> By having (previously) "core" functionality like "Posts" and "Comments" in canonical plugins those broken edge cases are much more likely to be worked out by the core dev team instead of individually by everyone who needs it and has the resources to work on it.

I'm -1 on canonicalizing "Posts" and "Comments" but I am +1 on removing any hardcoded references to them in core. Again, version 3.0 decouples a lot of the default posts types (posts and pages) as well as taxonomies (cats and tags) so if you find anything that current still is hardcoded, get it reported so it can be patched.

- Ptah Dunbar

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