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| Still, I  think moving commenters to wp_users tables is beneficial
| because it creates an explicit entity for a commenter vs. the current
| artifactual approach which allows metadata to be applied and UI to be
| created around commenters (vs. just around comments.)

Now that's a great argument...

... for having a commentators table, with metadata with it. Not to add commentators to wp-users.

If they can't login, they don't need to be in wp-users. 2 extra tables can solve this need.

But I'd feel very strange if upon commenting a "UI" would be created with my data and I can't change it..

You'd also need to be make it clear before letting visitors comment about this extra feature. It's ok to gain control of a user's 
comment and not want to delete or edit it when he asks, but if a visitor decides to comment and this comment generate other 
resources and features he wasn't acknowledged about... he should have the option to get it deleted or changed.

| More uses: a site owner could adds notes about a commenter for
| future reference, and a site owner could elevate frequent trusted
| commenters to have specialized rights on the site (to moderate
| comments, maybe, or create posts that must be approved by the site
| owner) and everything they do could be tied back to their user record
| and thus potentially displayed on their user page.

More extra ideas, these may justify using wp-users.

Make comments behave like forum posts and have mods to manage it.

If I'd develop it, I'd just base it on open registration. Somebody that doesn't wanna have an account won't bother having extra 
privileges. Maybe a routine to query comments with a specific email and link them to a new user.

| I'm assuming these added functionalities would come from plugins,
| but to empower these to work together across plugins you really
| need a record in the database for each commenter that is canon.

If we were in Drupal, it has a nice module dependance feature, that blocks a module from being activated if any of its dependances 
aren't, and blocks a module that's a dependance from being disabled while the module that depends on it isn't.

In Wordpress we don't have this nice feature, but it still can be done. The base plugin must be loaded before all others (I think 
plugins are loaded in the other their folders appear in plugins folder), and all dependant plugins must test by thelselves if the 
base plugin is available.

Very ugly for sure, but doable.

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