[wp-hackers] "commenter" user role

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Sat Mar 6 03:00:20 UTC 2010

Totally agreed! :D

My site is mine and it has 1 unique user, me and myself :)

I'd suggest binding a user row to email only and not to email + name, but that would require to force user to provide a mail

also, if the need is to not duplicate user info in wp-comments, wp-users is much bigger than wp-comments user data fields

it would only be worthy on popular sites that receive a lot of comments, and have faith visitors that always come comment, and 
eventually already let users registar accounts only for commenting, in this case yes
it would be worthy to use the user account to get his name and url

but sites that most commentators add only 1 comment and never come back, even to read the answer (I have some of those in my sites 
and I hate it!), and a bunch visitors that add 2 or 3 comments only, it would just flood wp-users with useless data that hackers and 
spam comments could use to hijack the site
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| As long as this has a master off-switch, because there's no way I'd
| ever implement such a thing on my sites.
| My users table contains one user: me. It will never contain another.
| -Otto 

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