[wp-hackers] "commenter" user role

Eric Mann eric at eamann.com
Sat Mar 6 03:02:23 UTC 2010

> That said, let's explore the following.  If we have a user account keyed
on email address where all our comments could roll up then it would be
possible to allow a user to maintain their own WordPress site that could
aggregate all their comments from all different sites and even be able to
update name and URL for all comments (with approval from each site admin, of
course.)  This would provide a sort of distributed Disqus/IntenseDebate
functionality but built into WordPress.  That would be fun to architect, but
would only catch on if built into core. FWIW.

I think that's a fantastic idea, actually.  Similar in a way to the function
of Gravatars that are keyed off a single email address and don't really
require a "login" per se to function when you're leaving a comment.

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