[wp-hackers] get_userdata and _fill_user causing huge number of database queries

Simon B piemanek at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 14:19:50 UTC 2010

> The test script is really the worst case scenario, I was under the
> impression you were seeing those 101 queries on the home page/blog page.
> Whilst i havnt looked into trunk's user caching changed of late yet, It
> makes sense to mass-load/cache the user data in one swipe on get_posts where
> multiple authors are concerned.

It's not a worst case for me, it's actual case! And it's likely to be the
most-visited page on the site...

I realise this is not your average use of WordPress, but if the user data
could be cached in one swipe that would be a big help.

Luckily the site is unlikely to see very high traffic so I'm confident our
server can cope fine, but obviously saving 100 db queries would be nice!

Thanks for your time,

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