[wp-hackers] Post Thumbnail & Twenty Ten theme

elflop at googlemail.com elflop at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 3 18:46:20 UTC 2010

On , Will Anderson <will at itsananderson.com> wrote:
> I tend to agree with Jeff. This is aa really innovative use of post
> thumbnails. Beyond just being cool though, I think this features is
> important because theme authors need to see that post thumbnails have a
> broader use than is currently being utilized. Hopefully theme authors will
> look at twentyten and go "Hey, I hadn't thought about that use of post
> thumbnails. That makes me wonder, what if I used them *this* way?". IMO
> default themes should spark innovation, not be the end all solution.

well it is certainly different, I just think that using the thumbnail is  
wrong, and that another method could have been implemented for changing the  
header image on a single page. I can't believe that the thumbnail feature  
was designed for this sort of usage, and was surprised when it happened.  
The average WP user is going to wonder what happened, and the only option  
is to remove the thumbnail from a page.

> That being said, I think site owners should be able to choose whether to  
> use
> their post thumbnails in this way or not. Twenty Ten is still being
> developed, so this could be in the works, but right now it lacks a good
> options page (beyond the ones now being provided by core). There's also no
> good filter that would allow child themes (or plugins) to cleanly change
> this "option" (and other "options" throughout the theme). Again, this  
> could
> simply be because Twenty Ten isn't finished yet.

I certainly hope so, and I don't want to knock the theme, in general I like  
it a lot, and may even use it myself!

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