[wp-hackers] Mailing list reply etiquette

Matt Jacob matt at mattjacob.com
Tue Mar 2 23:27:59 UTC 2010

On 3/2/2010 4:05 PM, scribu wrote:
> I had no idea about the In-Reply-To header. It's showing up without problems
> in Gmail, though (presuming it was directed to the widget as posts thread
> that I started earlier).

No, no, I was referring to "reset &send user pass" and "Wordpress Plugin 
Repository not approving a plugin" because they've been started in the 
last day or two, but also the list as a whole.

I'm not sure if Gmail recognizes In-Reply-To for threading (might be a 
combination of that and their own algorithm), but Thunderbird sure does. 
And it's quite disorienting when you're following along in a thread 
and---BAM!---the subject has changed to something else all of a sudden.


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