[wp-hackers] Survey for a Master Thesis about Open Source CMS

Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Tue Mar 2 17:10:19 UTC 2010

Lionel, I just took your survey and there are some parts I found very
confusing and I can't imagine that most people would understand it.
You use 'reveal code' a lot and it wasn't clear what you meant. Do you
mean posting code online in a blog so people can learn from it? Do you
specifically mean submitting code as patches for the core of a CMS? It
seems like it must include things like releasing plugins but that felt
very unclear to me.

Also the 'other cmss' section didn't make much sense, questions like
this "I develop code related to features already exsiting for other
Commercial CMS ?" just don't give enough information about what you
are getting at.

You should add some definitions for the major actions you discuss at the top.

Jeremy Clarke
Code and Design | globalvoicesonline.org

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