[wp-hackers] How to rename plugins in the plugin repository?

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Wed Jun 30 13:50:10 UTC 2010



I recently submitted a plugin to the wordpress plugin repository. While
submitting it I made the mistake of providing a long name : "WP Responder -
Email Autoresponder and Newlsetter Plugin'. Now the plugin URL is:




When users install the plugin from the dashboard the plugin's directory is:




when it should be just:




I have hardcoded the name of the plugin's directory as 'wpresponder' in the
plugin files. As a result the plugin is creating many problems for those who
download and install the plugin. I am getting a lot of email from users of
the plugin about it. 


If the plugin directory was named wpresponder and the svn URL is as shown
below the problem would be solved.




Could you please tell me how the directory can be renamed? Who should I
contact, what I need to do?


Looking forward to your replies,


Raj Sekharan

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