[wp-hackers] Members Database

Brian Layman bulk at thecodecave.com
Tue Jun 29 02:09:04 UTC 2010

I agree with Otto that you *could* do the authentication out of the separate
table, but that can be a pain.  My main caution was that you shouldn't
combine two different concepts just because you can.  Just because something
CAN be linked into WordPress doesn't always mean it should be done in
WordPress. Sacrilege I know :)

In this case it sounds like WordPress is the way you want to go.  Adding the
custom profile fields into WP isn't hard.  I suspect it is even easier than
you think. You won't need to duplicate user.php by any means.

Charly Leetham did a post earlier this month on adding custom profile fields
easily: http://bit.ly/dbZ5pc 
She has some pretty detailed examples in the post. Hope that helps.

Brian Layman
eHermits, Inc.

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