[wp-hackers] Members Database

Brian Layman bulk at thecodecave.com
Mon Jun 28 21:31:06 UTC 2010

It is certainly possible. I've done it both ways in the past and merged from
one to another.  The last version I did had the data in the WP tables as we
wanted to be able to display and edit the values in wpmu.  If you will want
this information within WP, that is certainly the way to go.  However, if
you are never going to touch the information at all in WP or use that as a
method to maintain it, you are probably building something more complex than
you need.

Maintenance is always a deciding factor.  So remember that you will have to
build a UI to edit the information that is not a default part of WP.  That's
not difficult, but it is a time consuming step that must be taken.  If you
don't get any benefit out of it, keeping everything in a single easily
editable flat table might be the best way to go.

That's something you'll need to decide.

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