[wp-hackers] Custom field multiple check boxes

Jasper Frumau jasperfrumau at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 13:05:16 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

I am working on several custom fields based and a custom type post based
upon information from two sources which I indicated in the code @
http://wordpress.pastebin.com/TAL2C0DX . All custom fields *except* my
multipl checkboxes field - line 163 - 172 - are properly stored in the
database and returned in the Dashboard. Does anyone know how I can remedy
this? I have been added if for a long time now and am pretty much stuck. One
checkbox based on
http://sltaylor.co.uk/blog/control-your-own-wordpress-custom-fields/ code
works well, but my code two check several options to be stored does not.
FYI print_r lines were just added to print some data for testing.

Thanks in advance for any input you guys can give me.



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