[wp-hackers] Adding video to theme widget/hack/??

MarvinC marvinc at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 05:12:22 UTC 2010

I'm setting up a video project using a three column theme called
videographEx which comes with two sidebars set at 170 each. Atop of the two
sidebars site an ad_sidebar.php file which allows you to add a 300x300 ad or
banner. What I'd like to do is at a 300x300 video. I've managed to locate a
slew of decent YouTube widget plugins but none seem to instruct on adding
the widget to the theme using the php code. In other words I can drag and
drop within WordPress but this looks like one instance where I'd like to
hard code the code for this particular template.
I'm mainly using YouTube plugins so if anyone knows of any way for me to
make this happen I'd greatly appreciate it!

Any responses applied.

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