[wp-hackers] Running the WordPress test suite with PHPUnit

David Morris dvmorris at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 06:15:43 UTC 2010

Has anyone ever gotten the wordpress test suite (
svn.automattic.com/wordpress-tests/) to run using PHPUnit from the command
line, instead of running "php wp-test.php"?

I would like to integrate testing into a continuous integration environment,
and I am having trouble translating wp-test.php into a PHPUnit bootstrap
file. I would like to run the Wordpress test suite like this:

phpunit --bootstrap bootstrap.php --log-junit phpunit.xml

I created a bootstrap.php file that is heavily based on wp-test.php, and I
when I run it, I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::set_prefix() in
C:\wamp\www\wordpress\trunk\src\wp-settings.php on line 286

Line 286 of wp-settings.php is this:

$prefix = $wpdb->set_prefix($table_prefix); // set up global tables

It appears that $wpdb is not being defined properly by this point in the
execution of the bootstrap.php file, but when I run "php wp-test.php", which
is almost the same execution steps, it works. It leads me to believe that
there is some issue with the way PHPUnit bootstrap files handle all of
WordPress' global variables, like $wpdb.

Another alternative for me would be to get the "php wp-test.php" to spit out
junit style xml files, which would probably be sufficient for me right now.
I have been unable to get it to work so far.

Anyways, someone on the IRC channel suggested I ask the wp-hackers list. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.


Dave Morris

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