[wp-hackers] current_user_can bug?

Ash Goodman ash at thinkinginvain.com
Mon Jun 21 11:02:06 UTC 2010

Hi Dion, Thanks

I have created a role called 'singleseat' with capability 'canread'

I added the check you told me and it shows the capability being added
( string(7) "canread" ). Also when I check the wp_options table the
role with capability is added.

But when I add a capability check:  current_user_can('canread') in the
loop it does not work. If I add a role check:
current_user_can('singleseat') it does.

I am using the Kubrick default theme on 2.9.2 (client doesn't want to
move to 3.0 yet)


On 21 June 2010 18:05,  <wp-hackers-request at lists.automattic.com> wrote:
> Both should work, I'd be triple checking that the capability is actually
> being applied to the role.
> Throw this in there beforehand:
> $role = get_role('custom_role');
> var_dump($role->capabilities);
> -- Dion Hulse / dd32

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