[wp-hackers] Math Comment Spam Protection plugin 2.2 doesn't work with WP 3.0...

Michel Bozgounov info at optimiced.com
Sun Jun 20 12:49:07 UTC 2010

...but it was working perfectly with WP 2.9.2 and lower (down to WP 
2.0.5, when I first tested the plugin).

(My first post here, I hope it's the right place...)


I am trying to investigate the issue, since I rely on this plugin for 
quite a long time -- more than 3 years -- and I have it installed in 
quite a few blogs.

But my PHP-fu is not so strong, so I am not sure what changed in the 
core of WordPress in 3.0 (especially the part that is related to posting 
of comments).

I am not the developer of the plugin, I am just using it. I even made my 
own modified version (not posted anywhere, for now, sorry), that made 
the plugin compatible with WP Super Cache!

Up to 2.9.2, the plugin worked perfectly with WP, but since 3.0, 
spambots bypass the field with the spam question (they can leave it 
blank!), and post easly spam comments. AKISMET works, but it still 
allows spam into database... which I am trying to prevent.

Any idea, where should I search inside the code of the plugin and inside 
WordPress, so that I could fix the plugin and make it work with WP 3.0? 
I suppose, some core WP function, related to posting of comments, has 
changed in 3.0.

I'd happily then re-release the plugin to the WP community (since the 
original author no longer develops it), and since simple and effective 
anti-spam plugins are not so many... (Not sure, but looks like WP Spam 
Free is not working with 3.0, too. It was quite a simple plugin, too.)

Thanks for any help!


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