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Details of WordCamp UK 


Local meetups between WordCamp UK



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> Hi Alex. WordPress meetups are generally informal local gatherings that tend to 
> happen monthly in a given location. Though we are planning to bring planning 
> functionality for these into wordpress.org soon, for now a lot of people use 
> href="http://meetup.com" target=_blank >http://meetup.com to organize these 
> kind of regular meetup groups.

WordCamps are annual gatherings that bring 
> together more people, often from surrounding areas, and are organized via 
> wordcamp.org. The WordCamp UK event that Mike Little linked to is the official 
> event for this year. That said, places that have in past years had one 
> all-encompassing event named for their country (or in the UK's case, their 
> collection of countries) are finding that with the rapid growth of WordPress and 
> people who want to grow their local communities, there are more WordCamps 
> happening than ever. For example, there's WordCamp UK, but there was also a 
> WordCamp Ireland this year. I would not be surprised to see a WordCamp London 
> separate from a WordCamp Manchester at some point in the future (just as an 
> example), let alone seeing breakout events in Scotland or Wales as those 
> communities grow, so there are opportunities to get involved. The first step is 
> to get involved with your local meetup group if there is one, and if there's not 
> one, then start one. :)

Jose Fontainhas has also talked about organizing 
> a "WordCamp Europe" that would be larger and bring together people of many 
> countries and have a bit more focus on international issues, though that event 
> has not been confirmed yet.

If you have any questions about setting up a 
> meetup or WordCamp feel free to email me offlist at jane at 
> wordcamp.org.



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