[wp-hackers] Improving Meta Box Handling

Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Wed Jun 2 23:14:20 UTC 2010

+1 to this idea. What you describe sounds good.

An update callback makes a ton of sense even if its easy to do with a single
action/filter. If its so simple then adding it to the API will be easy too
and having it there will avoid time-consuming decision making and testing by
the people adding metaboxes.

While we're at it, can we switch over to using $args and wp_parse_args()
instead of so many impossible-to-remember-or-work-with arguments? Current
add_meta_box() has 7 arguments! IMHO we should switch to $args as soon as
there are more than 3 arguments, esp. when many of them are likely to be
defaults that you often don't want to override: do_thing( '', '', '', '',
'', 'FAIL' );

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