[wp-hackers] How to: set-up a killer dev environment with Eclipse / SVN

Jeremy Herve contact at hervedesign.com
Wed Jun 2 18:07:58 UTC 2010

Hi fellow hackers,

I have been working with WordPress for quite some time now, but I am
switching over to Ubuntu on my laptop, and would like to take the
opportunity to build myself a killer environment, where I'd be able to work
in Eclipse, check out the latest version of WordPress from the trunk with
SVN, and commit and upload my changes to my own server without missing up
everything, and as easily as possible if that is possible.
Until now I was working with Coda on Mac and did not dare working too much
with SVN, only to check out the  latest version of WP, because I was afraid
to mix up WordPress SVN and my own.

A while back some of you exchanged a few emails about having your website
running from trunk with SVN, but I have to say I wasn't that interested in
at that time, and I am not able to find this back in the list.

Would you have any advices or opinions on this, maybe some blog posts you
may have written on the matter? Before to switch completely I would love to
have a good environment to work with.


Jeremy Herve
Budapest, Hungary

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