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Fri Jan 29 04:20:33 UTC 2010

A frequently requested feature is the ability to sort by columns on
> list-type screens. We don't want to make every column sortable -- columns
> with multiple values are better dealt with using the existing filters -- but
> some things would be great to have. For example, on edit.php, sorting by
> column might include the publish date, last modified time (would be a new
> column), title, number of comments, etc. How the list sorting would be
> affected by paging would need to be considered. This could be combined with
> the ajax paging idea for a great summer project.

Here's how hierarchical post types (pages) are listed in the admin (or at
least how I understand it):

If you're on page 1 and there's a post that has children that continue on
page two, when you go to page 2, the parent  is displayed again, above the
remaining children. This is helpful in a sense, but it's also kind of

It would get even more confusing when a user attempts to sort those posts by
title, for example.

So, I think the best approach would be to ignore the hierarchy completely,
when sorting. Displaying a flat list of sorted items would also make paging
trivial. (We can still display the parent's title for each child item, as a



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