[wp-hackers] Yesterday's WordPress Hacks

Scott R. Godin scottg.wp-hackers at mhg2.com
Thu Jan 28 16:34:37 UTC 2010

On 01/28/2010 09:27 AM, Brad Williams wrote:

> I experienced issues with Rackspace Cloud (Mosso at the time) and
> security on two separate WP installs and hosting accounts. We could
> never pinpoint what was going on but permissions would randomly be
> changed and one site was eventually hacked pretty bad. I've since
> moved both clients to Liquid Web and haven't worked with Rackspace
> Cloud since
 > -Brad

I can second the motion on liquid web. started using them a few years 
ago and have had nothing but exemplary service from them.

The only other hosting co that's really stood out in the past few years 
was nexcess.net, but that was for a Magento E-Commerce app, not 
wordpress. (however, highly recommended if you're setting up Magento.)

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