[wp-hackers] Documentation for plugins_api() and themes_api()

Jordi Canals jordi at jcanals.cat
Wed Jan 27 19:54:09 UTC 2010


I'm looking for some information about the arguments that can be used
when calling the plugins_api() function. I've searched on the codex
but did not found anything.
The function call is

plugins_api($action, $args);

Just need information about the valid actions I can request from the
WordPress site API and the arguments I can use at $args.

I found some small information by browsing the code, but have a couple
of questions:

When WordPress looks for new plugins versions it looks for the plugin
slug (that's the slug name on WordPress site). I wonder from where on
our WordPress install comes the slug, I suppose it is the directory
name where the plugin is installed but not sure. This will make only
plugins and themes installed on the original directory would work.
Sure it does not search the API information by name as I tested and
changing the plugin name continue providing updates.

Any help and information about how all this work will be really welcome.
Thanks in advance,
Jordi Canals
http://alkivia.org - http://jcanals.cat

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